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    Contact Lens Catch Mat - Ea

    Simple safety net for sink to prevent loss of contact lenses.

    I Check Illuminated Eye Examination Mirror 12/pk

    Shows patients where scurf and debris is located for more effective home lid scrubs. Assists in helping remove any debris or foreign bodies from your eyes. Helps patients correctly insert contact lenses and scleral lenses(minus the air bubbles). Assists in eye makeup removal. Portable and lightweight. 12/PK.

    I Chek Illuminated Eye Examination Mirror

    Shows Your Patients Where Scurf And Debris Is Located For More Effective Home Lid Scrubs. Assists In Helping Remove Any Debris Or Foreign Bodies From Your Eye. Helps Your Patients Correctly Insert Contact Lenses And Scleral Lenses (Minus The Air Bubbles). Assists In Eye Makeup Removal. Portable And Lightweight.

    Contact Lens Flat Pack - 100/Box

    Flip Top, Deep Well Case. White Only. Package 100/Box.

    Contact Lens Tweezers - Ea

    Used for removing contact lenses from vials. Cone tip. Made of plastic.

    Dispensing Storage Bag W/ card Holder - Ea

    A handsome, small zippered bag which can be customized with the practitioner's name or practice logo screen printed on the bag.

    Dispensing Table Mirror - Ea

    Two-in-one mirror with regular and 3x magnification on reverse sides.

    Lens Remover 10/box

    Device for removing hard lenses and RGP lenses.

    Contact Lens Accessories