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    Zoria Lash Intensifying Serum - 6 ml

    Drug-Free Zoria Lash Intensifying Serum Utilizes Patented Technology To Naturally Stimulate, Strengthen And Condition Eyelashes Creating A Dramatically Longer, Fuller, Darker Look.

    Zoria Makeup Remover - 50 ml

    Zoria Makeup Remover Is A Gentle, Water-Base Makeup Remover That Effectively Removes Cosmetics Without Irritating The Eyes Or Leaving Residue. Ideal For Individuals With Sensitive Skin And Contact Lens Wearers. No Oils, Dyes, Parabens Or Fragrances.

    Zoria Mascara Display/12

    A combination mascara with lash intensifying serum that can be used throughout the day. For best results, use with Zoria Boost Lash intensifying Serum, which is applied at bedtime. Contains 12 Units.

    Zoria Mascara For Sensitive Eyes - 0. 25 fl oz

    Zoria Mascara For Sensitive Eyes Creates Beautifully Defined, Natural Looking Eyelashes Without Any Clumps Or Flakes.

    Zoria Mascara For Sensitive Eyes Display /12

    Flake-proof and contains no lash-building fibers which can be irritating to the eyes or damage contact lenses. Hypoallergenic for sensitive eyes. Contains 12 Units 0. 25 oz each.

    Zoria Original Foaming Eyelid Cleanser - 50 ml

    A gentle foaming eyelid cleanser that effectively removes oil, debris and desquamated skin from the eyelids and is non-irritating to the eyes. Ideal for daily eyelid hygiene and mild to moderate eyelid conditions.

    Zoria Platinum Foaming Eyelid Cleanser - 50 ml

    An Extra Strength Leave-On Foaming Eyelid Cleanser With Anti-Bacterial Properties And Clinically Proven Added Moisturizer Psg-2 That Effectively Removes Oil, Debris, Pollen And Other Contaminants From The Eyelids. Ideal For Moderate To Severe Eyelid Conditions With Inflammation.

    Zoria Plus Foaming Eyelid Cleanser - 50 ml

    An extra strength, leave-on foaming eyelid cleanser that not only removes oil, debris and desquamated skin from the eyelids but also offers anti-bacterial properties for moderate to severe eyelid conditions. This leave-on formula effectively removes bacteria in disease-associated conditions such as blepharitis and rosacea.