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    Zoria Recovery Bruise & Scar Cream - 1 oz

    Specially Formulated to calm skin and reduce the appearance of post-procedural bruising and scarring.

    Zoria Platinum Foaming Eyelid Cleanser - 50mL

    An extra strength leave-on foaming eyelid cleanser with anti-bacterial properties and clinically proven added moisturizer PSG-2 that effectively removes oil, debris, pollen and other contaminants from the eyelids.Ideal for moderate to severe eyelid conditions with inflammation.

    Zoria Under Eye Collagen Regenerating Cream - 0.5 fl oz

    Maximum collagen up-regulation with lipopeptide complex and nanosomal delivery to help firm and tighten. Microscopic lipopeptide complex encourages collagen and elastin proliferation.

    Zoria Under Eye Dual Treatment

    Anti-againg combination utilizing breakthrough SCS(Stem Cell Stimulating) and lipopeptide technologies to reverse the look of aging.

    Zoria Under Eye Repair Serum - 0.5 fl oz

    SCS(Stem Cell Stimulating) technology stimulates restoration while patent-pending peptides help ease the appearance of crow's feet

    Skin Creams / Serums