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    What are Eyelash Extensions?

    Eyelash extensions are individual fibers — not a strip of lashes — that are glued, one by one or in small groups, onto your natural eyelashes to enhance the appearance of length and fullness. Most eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fibers, such as nylon, and are bonded using various types of professional glues. Silk is another material used for eyelash extensions. There are even mink eyelashes made of natural fur.

    What is the Danger?

    Anytime you're touching an area near the eye, there's cause for concern. Most problems with eyelash extensions are caused by the glue that's used to bond the synthetic extensions in place, since these often contain formaldehyde or other chemicals that can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

    An article published in Consumer Reports discusses several cases in which patients experienced infections and allergic reactions to the formaldehyde-based adhesives that were used to apply their eyelash extensions. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) likewise responded to reports cautioning consumers about the dangers of cosmetic eyelash extensions.

    AAO cites the following specific dangers of using eyelash extensions:

    • Infection of the cornea
    • Infection of the eyelid
    • Swollen eyelids
    • Temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes
    • Dry, irritated eyes

    As the AAO notes, in addition to infections and allergic reactions, some people actually lose eyelashes in the process of trying to make them look more plentiful. This is because frequent use of eyelash extensions can damage the hair follicles responsible for eyelash growth and maintenance.

    Other, less common, complications with eyelash extensions include forceps wounds, reactions to solvents used to remove the extensions, and reactions to the tape that may be used to hold your lids closed during the procedure. Some eye doctors and researchers also believe eyelash extensions may increase your risk of dry eyes. It appears there is an optimal length for eyelashes to protect the eyes from wind, dust and other debris. Studies suggest this optimal eyelash length is one-third the width of the eye.

    Why Zoria?

    Zoria Skin Care from OCuSOFT offers revolutionary skin care solutions specially formulated for individuals with sensitive eyes and skin. From daily cleansers and cosmetics to lash boosting serums and age-defying treatments, Zoria Skin Care is offers clinically proven, ophthalmologist tested, high-performing products.

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    Eyelash Extension Dangers

    Are Eyelash Extensions Safe for You?

    Zoria Lash Intensifying Serum

    Non-prescription Zoria Lash Intensifying Serum is a clinically proven, drug-free formula that is non-irritating and delivers noticeable results without the potential side effects associated with prostaglandins. Zoria contains polypeptides in a patented formulation that works on all three phases of the eyelash growth cycle to strengthen, nourish and condition the eyelashes so they remain in their natural growing cycle longer. The result is the appearance of naturally thicker, darker, longer-looking eyelashes.

    Zoria Lash Intensifying Mascara

    A combination mascara with lash intensifying serum that can be used throughout the day. For best results, use with Zoria Lash Intensifying Serum, which is applied at bedtime. Drug-free.

    Zoria Original Foaming Eyelid Cleanser

    A gentle foaming eyelid cleanser that effectively removes oil, debris, and other contaminants from the eyelids and is non-irritating to the eyes. Ideal for daily eyelid hygiene and mild to moderate eyelid conditions.

    Zoria Tea Tree Foaming Eyelid Cleanser

    An extra strength cleanser with tea tree oil that effectively relieves irritation by removing oil, debris, pollen and other contaminants from the eyelids.

    Zoria Makeup Remover

    Gentle, water-based makeup remover that effectively removes cosmetics without irritating the eyes or leaving residue. Ideal for individuals with sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. No oils, dyes, parabens or fragrances.

    Zoria Cleanser

    Mild, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic cleanser that gently removes impurities and soothes skin without irritating the eyes. Ideal for individuals with sensitive skin. No oils, dyes, parabens or fragrances.

    Zoria Plus Foaming Eyelid Cleanser

    An extra strength, leave-on foaming eyelid cleanser that not only removes oil, debris other contaminants from the eyelids but also offers anti-bacterial properties for moderate to severe eyelid conditions.

    Zoria Platinum Foaming Eyelid Cleanser

    An extra strength leave-on foaming eyelid cleanser with anti-bacterial properties and clinically proven added moisturizer PSG-2 that effectively removes oil, debris, pollen and other contaminants from the eyelids. Ideal for moderate to severe eyelid conditions with inflammation.

    Zoria Dermal Spray

    Intended for cleansing and removing foreign material and debris including microorganisms.

    Zoria Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

    Flake-proof and contains no lash-building fibers which can be irritating to the eyes or damage contact lenses. Hypoallergenic for sensitive eyes.

    Zoria AR Anti-Redness Calming Cream

    Contains natural oils, vitamins and PSG-2 (Phytosphingosine SLC) to calm the skin and effectively reduce redness or blotchiness caused by irritation and minimize the signs of aging.

    Zoria Under Eye Dual Treatment

    Anti-aging combination utilizing breakthrough SCS (Stem Cell Stimulating) and lipopeptide technologies to reverse the look of aging.
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