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    Beaver Visitec Parasol Sterile Pre-Loaded

    1 Pair Each Occluder Is Individually Sterile And Pre-Loaded On A High-Quality Disposable Insertion Instrument.

    Beaver Visitec Plus Non-Sterile Bulk Pak

    10 Pairs This Bulk Pack Of 10 Non-Sterile Punctal Occluders Must Be Loaded Onto An Inserter (Sold Separately) Before Insertion Into The Punctum.

    Ocusoft Lid Scrub Original Foaming Eyelid Cleanser - 50 Ml

    Ocusoft Lid Scrub Original Is An Instant Foaming Liquid That Generates A Pre-Lathered Foam Immediately Upon Depressing The Control Tip Pump.

    Quintess Insertion Instrument Punctal Gauge

    One-Of-Kind, Patent-Pending, Dual Purpose Insertion Instrument/Punctal Gauge Unique To Quintess Punctal Occluders Only, Ergonomically Designed With An Angled Distal Tip To Ensure Ease Of Use For The Performing Practitioner When Sizing And Inserting Plugs.

    Quintess Punctal Occluders W/ Insertion Instrument Sterile Preloaded

    Unique "Tear Pool" Design Reduces Foreign Body Sensation While Ensuring Optimum Performance.

    Quintess Tear Pool - Sterile Pre-Loaded Dissolvable Lacrimal Plugs

    1 Pair Absorbable Synthetic Punctal Implants Designed To Provide Temporary Dry Eye Relief For 6 Months (Approx. 180 Days).

    Retaine Mgd Ophthalmic Emulsion Eye Drops - 30 Single-Dose Vials

    Retaine Mgd Is An Ophthalmic Emulsion With A Lipid Replenishing Formula That Utilizes Electrostatic Attraction To Stabilize The Tear Film And Protect Against Moisture Loss.


    Availability: Out Of Stock - On Backorder. Please Call Inside Sales To Place An Order At 1 (800) 233-5469 Designed To Keep Eyes Lubricated And Comfortable While You Sleep. Retaine Pm Is A Preservative-Free, Oil-Based Formula, Economically Packaged In A 5 Gm Econotube. For Nighttime Use Only.

    Retaine Vision Supplements - 120 Softgel Capsules


    Retaine Vision Nutritional Supplement Is Specially Formulated To Support Ocular Health. Contains High-Potency Antioxidants Based On The Areds2 Formula.

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