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    Organza Bags 6"X10"- Black 25/Box

    Organza Bag-black 25/box.
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    SKU: 776-2-14

    Organza Bag-black 25/box

    Organza Bag-black 25/box

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    Availability: Out Of Stock - On Backorder. Please Call Inside Sales To Place An Order At 1 (800) 233-5469 Designed To Keep Eyes Lubricated And Comfortable While You Sleep. Retaine Pm Is A Preservative-Free, Oil-Based Formula, Economically Packaged In A 5 Gm Econotube. For Nighttime Use Only.

    Contact Lens Flat Pack - 100/Box

    Flip Top, Deep Well Case. White Only. Package 100/Box.

    Organza Bags 5"X7"- Black 25/Box

    Organza Bags-Black 5"x 7" 25/box.

    Ocusoft Hand Soap Standard Size - 8 Oz.

    Standard Size 8 Oz. - Ocusoft Hand Soap Is Designed Specifically For Contact Lens Wearers To Thoroughly Cleanse Hands Prior To Lens Handling Or Insertion. Reduces Potential For Contamination To Lenses And Eyes. Ocusoft Hand Soap Does Not Contain Oils Or Other Lubricants Which May Leave A Film On The Hands And Be Transferred To Contact Lenses.