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    Recommend Trusted Eye Care Brands to Protect Patient Safety During Eyedrop Recall Scare

    Thursday, March 23, 2023

    Rosenberg, TX (March 22, 2023) – Recently, new OTC eyedrop suppliers have emerged capitalizing on the large numbers of Dry Eye sufferers. Some offer traditional FDA-guided solutionsproducts but with poor quality controls by the supplier. One such product prompted a nationwide recall as a result of multiple infections and even a death.

    Others have chosen to enter the market making outrageous claims under the guise of "homeopathic" treatment. Such treatment can be a shortcut to market without FDA guidelines or approval; without recognized clinical data; all of which leave open the question of efficacy, quality, and patient safety. Please look over this statement from the FDA:

    On December 6, 2022, FDA issued a final guidance, Homeopathic Drug Products, that describes the agency’s approach to prioritizing regulatory actions for homeopathic products posing the greatest risk to patients. The FDA is prioritizing specific categories of drugs, such as those intended for populations at greater risk for adverse reactions. There are currently no FDA-approved products labeled as homeopathic, and the agency cannot ensure these drugs meet standards for safety, effectiveness, and quality. Previously, the FDA warned the public about homeopathic products, including those containing a toxic substance and ones recalled due to contamination.

    Nat Adkins, Executive Chairman of OCuSOFT® states “Why bring this to the public’s attention? We respect the men and women of OCuSOFT® as they go about their days resolutely servicing and supplying ophthalmology and optometry offices with credible, safe, and quality products that adhere to FDA guidelines. Then when faced with the question of whether we offer eyedrops for blepharospasm, or drops for vitreous floaters, or for cataracts, we must explain why these products are not FDA-approved and could potentially be dangerous to patients. In my opinion, how can any company making unsubstantiated claims such as these be taken seriously?”

    Moral: Don't take these opportunists for granted. Your patients can be fooled and may be seriously harmed in the process. Confidently recommend recognized branded artificial tears and commercial eyelid cleansers that adhere to the proper FDA safety and regulatory guidelines such as Retaine® Tears and OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub® Eyelid Cleansers. For more information call (800) 233-5469 or visit

    About OCuSOFT Inc.

    OCuSOFT Inc. is a privately-held Richmond, TX USA-based eye and skincare company with an established reputation for innovation, particularly in Ocular Surface Disease (OSD). Since 1986, OCuSOFT® has served the ophthalmic industry with a unique selection of proprietary brands and has recently been rapidly expanding its presence in the skincare market. OCuSOFT®, most recognized for its #1 Doctor Recommended Brand of Eyelid Cleansers, OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub®, is dedicated to improving each patient's health by providing the highest quality products. For more information, please call 800-233-5469 or visit


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